Thornhill House

Thornhill House is my new style Victorian mansion built from Playmobil's 5300 Mansion. I decided to paint the entire house in a grey flock stone paint which adds a lovely colour to the house without losing the brickwork details. To complement this I changed the window frames to white and had to paint the orange windows black.

As you can see I've extend the front of the house outwards as well making the house slightly wider. This involved cutting the base floor into a smaller square to create the front extension, after that I had to alter the walls, floors and windows to fit this new shape.

I then had to extend the flat roof to stretch across the wider than normal house, and alter some roof sections to fit around the top floor.

I decided to add a tree with bench to the front and window boxes to the ground floor windows. Although these window boxes could be added to all the windows I find it looks too much  (and practically how could the owners reach the other floor windows?)

I wanted to add a fence to this house which I painted to match the house, highlighting the gate and fence sections with gold and adding lanterns to the front.

The front steps have been marbleised, with the front door painted black and gold to match the the rest of the house with the house nameplate above and a lantern to the side. The Victorians were fond of stained glass windows so I have decorated the door panel to look like it.

The interior is fully decorated with custom designed wallpapers and matching carpets and curtains. Each room is furnished with hand painted and decorated furniture and plenty of accessories.

Each piece of furniture in the bathroom has been customised in gold with beautiful miniature picture tiles. An extra table has been added and furnished with washing items.

The extension at the front of the house has created a large "L" shaped room on each floor. In the attic I have used the space to create a large bedroom with double bed, his and hers wardrobes and a dressing area to the right complete with dummy, chest, vanity unit and dressing table.

The living room takes up the next "L" shaped room on the middle floor. Decorated in black and gold with matching curtains and a cream carpet. It is furnished with an extra large set of black and white living room pieces all finally embellished.

Next door to the Living room is the study furnished in black and gold including a working light up fireplace.

The ground floor has been divided into three to provide a separate entrance hall decorated with white and gold furniture. The staircase has been painted in burgundy to match the colours on the floor tile, with a carpet runner.

The central room is a long formal dining room with an area in front of the widows with enough room for a few musicans. Decorated in pale green and white with a marble floor the long banquet table as been customised to match.

The final room is the blue and white kitchen. Again all the furniture has been customised with an extra cupboard all filled with period food and other accessories.

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  1. of all ur mansions, this is by far my favorite, in design and interior decorations.... Love the door!... And attic master suite....very beautiful and captivating artistry. Ur my favorit customizer of playmobil.

  2. Hello Emma! All of your mansions are amazing and I love your work! I am wondering if you could make a Cape May themed Victorian house line. Look for pics online - I know you live in the UK! Just look up Cape May houses. There are tons of bed and breakfasts and shops you could do as well! You could also make the Physick Estate (below)- a grand home indeed! Stay in touch! Luv your works!

  3. I love it!So beautiful.

  4. The interior design images given in this blog was really excellent. The color combination and the furniture used was amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. I love this out of all of the work you've done, and I don't know why.