The Ship Inn

A Typical English Country Pub.

Summer Cafe

A new style cafe.

The Market

A Victorian Street Market with various market stalls and vendors.

Victorian Car

One of the many different coloured cars I've decorated.


A decorated Spanish Galleon currently for sale.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

7411 Extension Floor For Sale

I've just purchased a small mansion and it had a 7411 extension floor with it that I don't need so it is currently for sale.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Fortnum & Mason

This building was a special request by Santi who had asked me to see if I could recreate a building he had seen on the internet. Keeping to the original style corner building I added my own touches here and there to create a large department store which I have named Fortnum & Mason after the high class store in London.

Starting in the attic it has a photographers and artist studio, then a ladies and gentlemans outfitters, a luxury food hall and on the ground floor a florists and a wine merchants.

Flicker Album

I must say a big thank you to the original building designer who has done an amazing job on their version. I will admit they have done a much better job on the building than I managed but I hope they will not mind my copying their work. Bravo!!

This is the original photo I was sent next to mine.

Grand Bristro De Paris

Nearly six years ago now I created the Bistro De Paris from the Playmobil 5302 new mansion. Although a simple build it has always been one of my favourite buildings and after selling the original I planed to build another for me but with a couple of extra floors. So I bought another a few years ago and some extra floors and then it sat in my loft untouched for years.

Well I have at last got it down and built it !!! (It was one of many half started projects I have around my home) As you can see I've added a casino and a reading / relaxing floor to the original building.