New Houghton Hall

I was contacted earlier this to make another version of Houghton Hall which I've just finished. I have to admit it's been so long since I built the last ones I'd forgotten how much was involved. I mean I could remember the basic details but once I got down to it there was a lot more to do for each section than I had thought , it sort came back to me bit by bit. For the last month I was thinking well I've only got this and that to do, a day or so for each bit but in reality it turned out to be a week for each job.

I'm often asked how long it takes to make a building , in this case four months but that doesn't really show how much time I've spent on a project. So I've tried to work out how long that would be hours. I just finished the house last week and I've spent a couple of hours every day after work on it, between 6 to 12 hrs a day on my 3 days off a week and 2 full weeks of about 10hrs every day of my holidays to get it all done. So I think I've spent at least 560hrs on this one building alone. 

It's been a very busy few months. I had an email the other day from a new visitor to my blog who had thought I'd stopped working on it. That did make me laugh, if your a regular reader then you'll know I only post when I've finished something new. So at 4 months on one project I hope you all understand why I can't share some thing new every month :)

But it's finished now and will be on its way soon to it's new home in Spain, where it will be on display in a local toy shop.

As you might notice there's a few small changes here and there to the building and it's decorations, most due to the availability and costs of Playmobil parts now. I hope you all like it and that a few of you might get chance to see it in person if your passing.

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