Art Deco House 5574

This is my latest building a modern Art Deco style  house. I liked the new luxury villa from Playmobil from the moment I saw it, but being in the UK I've had to wait for it to become available here. I lasted most of the year before giving up and getting it imported early. 

This is the original 5574 with the bungalow 5586 and a picture of the two combined.

I've always wanted to do an Art Deco style house and this gave me the perfect opertunatity as it fits that style rather well. So I added 2 extra bungalows and some more floors to the 5574 Villa to create this house. Then added Playmobil battery powered lights to it all.

I've also added the swimming pool, the new race car and a separate tennis court, using the spare roof parts to make a flower border and small pond.

I like the new clip on dresses but they don't fit in the wardrobe so I had to remove the insides and add a rail to the top so now I can hang up my dresses.

I went mad and bought some very special Clarance Cliff china and some scaled Art Deco statues for this house. You can see in theses photos the false ceiling I added to each floor to hide the lighting wires. There's 3 master switches that control the lights with the battery box outside at the front of the house to make it easy to change the batteries.

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  1. Art Deco - the perfect setting for a Poirot mystery!

  2. 10 out of 10 that is amazing

  3. Omg it is amazing!!!!!!!

  4. Omg I love it!!!

  5. How is that even posible? It is amazing!!!!!

  6. I love this!!!!

  7. this is absolutely incredible! I added a loft to one of my modern luxury rooms (using the summer house), and it fit perfectly. I thought THAT was cool... but this takes the cake! Thank you for sharing