Classic Mansions

Here are some of the classic style mansions I have created from the 5300 and 5301 Victorian mansions.
Please click on the link below each to see more pictures.

Brown 5302

Blue 5302

Blue & White 5302

Red & Brown Mansion

Blue & White 5300
                             Extended 5301                                                    Extended 5300
The Orangery
The Grey Mansion
The Red 5300
The Painted 5300
Houghton Hall
The Blue Mansion


  1. Wow. These are absolutely fabulous. I love your styling and customizing the fences takes it to another whole new level. Which fence is it you use to customize. is it the 6303 Gilded Fence, because it looks just grand!!!

  2. I looooove them all so much!!!

  3. Absolutamente espectacular. Impresionante visión del mundo Playmobil.