A New Page On The Blog

I've been working on some photos on my computer this weekend and have finally managed to sort out some of my old room set pictures. These I've added here as a new page to showcase some of the rooms I've created.
I'm hoping to do something similar with my customised buildings when I get a bit more free time.

I've also managed to work on 3 new Victorian Mansion designs. This means I took over the living room for three days with Playmobil parts allover the place! A big mess but now I've got some new buildings to paint and furnish. Soon as I have the room to work on them.

I did manage to finish a Fairy Treehouse for a friend, I've sent her some pictures and I'm waiting to see what she thinks. I've just been sent an email asking me to furnish two more Mansions and to create a jewellery shop. So those are my next projects, while I'm slowly working on a small fleet between jobs.
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