Thornhill House - New Style Victorian Mansion

I hope visitors have enjoyed looking at some room interiors I've posted so far of my new mansion. I have to take some more pictures outside if the weather is better tomorrow but here is Thornhill House from the outside. If all goes well tomorrow I'll be adding a new video of this house and it will be for sale on ebay tomorrow. For more pictures please visit the Thornhill House Page (I've now changed pictures for better ones!)

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  1. Absolutely amazing! How was this layout constructed? Can I also ask about the painting of the mansion, do you spray paint each section? I look forward to seeing more of the interior.

  2. Hi thank you very much for you kind comments. I made the house from several 5300 mansion including cutting the floors and walls to the corect shape. Yes each part was spray painted with a base and top coat of paint to give the stone effect. I hope you like the rest of the pictures. Regards, Emma

  3. Wow - Thanks for posting the rest, how can you bear to part with it? I have recently discovered Playmobil and have fell totally in love with the victorian mansion and hope to own one real soon. Do I assume that the 5300 is more adaptable than the 5301? and can parts from te 5301 be used on the 5300?