If your a regular follower of my blog you'll know that every Christmas I sell off quite a few pieces of my work. I'm glad to say that this usually goes well, and I have sold pieces to fellow collectors all around the world.  

I had some wonderful emails regarding my little creations and I'd like to thank everyone who kindly took the time to contact me ( and still do).  At the time I received several messages asking me to sign my work which was very flattering. Because of this I decided to have a look at designing my own little certificates etc. 

Now I'm not very good at graphic design so I ended up on Vistaprint looking at business cards. Wow the things they will print for you! I've picked a design and a little logo and some time in the future I'm going to try and change my blog banner to match. So the upshot of all this is a couple of weeks ago I received my new cards and little certificates. Here's a picture of them below and if they're well received I'll included one with all my new builds.

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