A Message To Visitors.

Hi I know the blog has been quiet this month but I've not forgotten everyone. I've had some health problems nothing major just enough to make it difficult to use the computer. This has put a holt on the blog work for a while.

I'm back to working on the Gothic horror Mansion. I've partially dismantled it while I fit some lights. I will have a few photos soon.

To Rodrigo
thanks for your message about room sets. I did use to sell individual rooms a few years ago and I have decided to do a few more in between larger projects. I've just finished a living room and a kitchen so they will be up soon.

To Ray
You've asked about customising the 5305 Victorian Mansion. For other visitors this is the one story Mansion with an attached patio on the side. This is the same size as my large shops and as you will have seen I've customised the same size building in various ways with small living quarters above and a shop below etc.

What sort of building do you want? Do you want to keep it as a house or as some thing else? If you have any other spare buildings it's quite easy to add them on and create a larger building.
If you want to keep it as a house then the easiest layout is a kitchen in the main room with the living room in the small room to the side and use the attic as a bed room and bathroom combined.
As you can see from the attic of my sweetshop it's possible to make a small flat above the ground floor. You could put a larger bedroom suite in here and partition off the bathroom at one side.

You asked about putting in a wall in the attic. It can be done but it would have to be cut done to match the slope of the roof and depends if you have the parts to do it with. Have a look at Thornhill house to see what I did there.
Email me at emma.jplaymofan@googlemail.com and we can chat about it more if you like.

To Gil
thanks for your interest in my wallpapers. The attic wallpaper is quite a difficult set to do, as it's hard to match up some of the patterns around the windows so I will only be doing a few designs as attic wallpaper. So at the moment I've not set up the this option maybe in the future when I've had chance to add more patterns to the blog. Sorry about that.

Wallpapers - I will have more designs and colours soon as I'm able to spend a bit more time on my computer.

Bye for now!

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