Regent Street

I wanted to do a different type of shop building using some spare flooring and came up with the idea for a row of shops altogether like a genuine Victorian street. Often built at different times these buildings can vary in style and shape so I decided to make mine various heights and all with different shop fronts. This became Regents Street. I would have liked a raised pavement in front of the building with people strolling along. I built a second base which could be pushed up to the shop fronts and added a traditional market to it.

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  1. Hi Emma J!! I have a personal request for you ;) have you ever tried maybe sparkling up some modern Playmobil?? Maybe you could do a special modern set one time, like a modern house or mall or even the ever popular Apple store??? Because being the collector I am, I am part of many Playmobil fan clubs, and they are really interested in these ideas. And i'll tell you right now I'll be the first to buy!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER ;)

  2. Hi Emma J, its me again!! I just wanted to know where the Regent Street is for SALE?? I live jn Canada and am VERY interested in this street for any amount you want!!!