The Cost Of Flowers

This is just a little post about the surprising costs of Playmobil parts that you just don't realise until you come to buy them!

This is the old Victorian Mansion 5300.
As you can see every main window has a window box full of flowers, that's 10 in all.

This was the newer version the 5301
Now the window boxes are just on the ground floor, so you only get 5 per house.

This is the 5302 and we're down to 4 flower boxes.

So your wondering why I'm mentioning all this. Well I've been working on several buildings 2 of them are the Ship Inn.

The original Inn had 11 window boxes!

This is a close up of a window box.

It has 3 plants each plant holds 6 flowers.

Now the 5300 and 5301 have not been sold by Playmobil for quite some some. I buy second hand buildings and because of the age of them most are not complete and it's always the small bits that get lost first. Yes you've guessed right they don't have flowers. 
Quite often I don't use the flower boxes as they don't fit with the design of the building so I've had some left over. Well I've finally run out. I have lots of the window boxes and the soil and even the stems but not the flowers.


A flower like this above is 15p from Playmobil. That's not much, until you work out how much it really costs. This is just for the flowers not the stalks or anything else.




The newest building I'm working on should have 22 window boxes.... argh!!!!

Now we know why the Playmobil buildings have fewer flowers on each time.

Trouble is it's not until you actually have to buy these little bits that you realise how much a building will cost. Most people look at a original house and think well if I can get that for £... and your only adding some bits to it why does yours cost so much? Because mine have all the extra little bits in it. 
But even I was amazed at how much this works out to. Most Playmobil collectors including myself don't really sit down and work out prices for all the bits in things, so if you find a house with all the flowers grab it as I'm sure that really it's a bargain :)

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  1. Thank you for your recommendations Emma!
    That's true! :) (Manel)