Downing Street

This is Downing street a Georgian house made from system X parts based on numbers 10 and 12 of the famous street in London.

A fellow Playmobil collector asked me to create a copy of the houses and sent me several photos.

He wanted exterior of no.10 and the white front of no.12 together to make a nice contrast but with the interior of no.10.
As you can see from the photos above the windows on the top floor are smaller than those below. I wanted to try and get the same proportions in my house and the only way to do that was to use doors as windows for the bottom floors and ordinary windows from the top ones.

I was able to build this in 3D first to work out what parts could be used and if it was possible to get the same sort of spacing above and below the windows.

From this basic design I altered the build a little turning some parts sideways to get a better effect and built the house. I have tried to copy some of the features and colours used in the real building to make it look more authentic. No.10 Downing Street is a huge house so I could only build a very small part of it but I think the overall design is a real change from the normal Victorian houses most people have, and a little different from the System X buildings available.

Although the main staircase is next to the entrance hall I wanted to to use this lovely feature as the entrance instead. This included putting lamps on the staircase posts.

This is the most famous room in the whole building the Cabinet room.

While the house is several hundred years old and most of the public rooms are very grand and classical in design the private quarters are very modern and I tried to show this in my choice of interiors.
I've included tiny led lights all the way through the house and although they are white they've given a slightly blue shade to the rooms when lit so I've included photos with and without the lights on and the very last photo shows the house lit up at night.

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  1. wonderful, I was watching the news the other night and was thinking that you could make number 10 out of Playmobil, but you've beaten me to it! I am making a few buildings based on my native Birmingham at the moment and now whenever i go anywhere I think how I would build it out of Playmobil lol