Good news I've had visitors

As you can tell I'm very new to all this blogging stuff and I'm still playing around with the site and what can be done with it. I've just found the stats page and to my great relief and amazement I've had some views of this page. Yippee!!
It's interesting to see which sites lead my visitors here and where they come from. Mostly from the UK, but some from the U.S, Germany and Australia. Oh and one from Pakistan.....mmm maybe that one was a mistake?

I've had nearly 30,000 views now of my videos on YouTube, which is a small amount compared to the videos on there but I'm amazed that there's been so many Playmobil fans that surf around looking for videos. So thanks everyone for watching.

I'm working on my next video at the moment it's a western based on a song by Marty Robbins. If you like gunslinger ballads you'd love his music. My mum used to listen to him when I was a kid and he writes great stories that I couldn't resist showing off my new western buildings to his music.

I'm also a great film fan and I love lot's of the old western movies from John Wayne to Bob Hope, and it was watching "Paleface" that I decided to do a medicine man and his wagon.

So this started me off on customising some western buildings to go with it. So far there's a undertakers, bank, livery stable and general store. I had an idea today about a large saloon based on the "Golden Nugget" I'll have to play around with some spares and see what I can come up with.
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