Still Playing About

As you may have noticed I've finally sorted out how to put my youtube videos on a separate page. This looks good but I could do with getting rid of the slide shows on the left. I might have to rearrange the whole setup but it depends if I can get the slide shows on a post on a new page. Still working on this....Oh dear.
I'm also trying to update my "About Me" page on ebay. As you might have noticed I don't know the first thing about html code and designing web pages etc. This means I design my ebay page on Excel, save it as a picture and load it up on a picture housing site then link the picture to my eaby page. It's a lot of fuss but it doesn't look too bad. I much prefer this blog page as it's turning out a lot easier to work with.

If I can get some more of this done this weekend I also need to take pictures of my wild west buildings and make a video. I've given up on the Western story video for now as I just don't have the time to redo it. I'm not sure I'll manage it at all this year, I've had several orders this week for customised Christmas rooms and another Chocolate shop and that's a really big job! I shall have to see about ordering some more parts from Playmobil.
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