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Over the past week I have had lots of emails regarding Houghton Hall, these all start off with the same things saying that they want advice on selling their own collection, or wanting to say they would like help customising etc. Yet many of these all end up exactly the same asking how much I spent on building Houghton Hall and how much I sold it for.

I love receiving emails from other collectors and I will try to help out as I can, but I'm fed up with these emails about the Hall. Many have made up excuses just to ask, and when I reply to help them with their problem - but refuse to discus the hall, they turn round and admit they didn't need help.... or want to sell their work...etc and I find this very annoying that people go to all the trouble of lying and making up excuses to badger me about it.

So thank you to the genuine emailers I've enjoyed reading you kind comments.

To those that are just dying to know, yes I have sold Houghton Hall to a private collector.

No I will not discuss how much I sold the Hall for this is between myself and the buyer.

Nor will I discuss costs or what I think the Hall is worth etc.

Please do not ask.
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