Houghton Hall pt13 - New wallpaper again & the Hallway

I must be giving every one the impression that I'm such a ditherer as I seam to be constantly changing my mind with the rooms in Houghton Hall. I'm not honest it's just that I keep coming up with better ideas - well this one wasn't strictly my idea.

(As a total aside I've just realised it's the 4th and I haven't done my website of the month - I will do tomorrow)

I decided to put a polling question up on Playmofriends forum asking everyone to vote on which rooms they'd like to see most in a mansion. The top pick turned out to be a library, so looking at my house I though I'd just have to add one. The only room that could be changed was the study / games room. It was nice but nothing new. So I've changed the wallpaper again and created a bookcase and here's the result.

I've finally finished everything I wanted to do in the hall and I'm ready to share a few photos. So here's my real labour of love and my favourite room the main hall with grand staircase. I hope you think it's been worth the wait.

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