Tudor Hall

Hello Folks!

Sorry for not getting around to posting last weekend but it's been all go and I didn't really have any good photos to share. When I last posted about the Tudor Hall I was going to rebuild it after waiting for my parts to dry. So last weekend I built the Hall then I made a decision on how to decorate it so I've had to pull it to bits again...... but it's built now and I'm ready to share my first pictures.

All the actual building work is finished and I've decorated the internal walls. Next job is the furnishings and the extra decorations like banners etc.

As you can see I have created a large downstairs hallway including a priest hole under the stairs with a long gallery above. From the gallery there's access to the central loft.

The left side has the kitchen and store room with the master bedroom and sitting room above.

The right side has the great hall and chapel with the study above.
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