Harrods & Tudor Hall

I've also done a bit more work on Harrods this week, finishing off the wallpaper and flooring, all done in green and gold. The main staircase has been fitted but I'm now waiting on some parts so I can finish connecting up the top floor.


I made a start yesterday on my Tudor hall. As I've said before I built a large house last year but I've had it dismantled for six months until I had a bit more room. This is a picture of the original, a large "H" shape with a kitchen, hall, bedroom study etc in it.

I've since tweaked the design a little and as usual for me the house has gotten a bit bigger! I've also painted it a slightly different colour and this afternoons job is building it now that the pieces are all dry.

At the same time as working on the hall I'm going to try to build a Tudor mill as well so fingers crossed it will look all right.

More pictures and news to follow later.
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  1. I really like all your stuff and I count find your stuff on eBay, I went on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk I didn't find it I am looking for any on of your beds with a canopy or Victorian kitchens or even one of the dollhouses like the thornhill home. bur I can't spent that That much