Painted & Furnished Victorian Mansion 5300

This is the last of this weeks projects to share with everyone, my painted Victorian mansion.
I had done one a few years ago and as I've had a lot of views of my YouTube videos of it, I thought I'd do another one in the same colours.

So here's the finished building as as usual there are more pictures on my for sale page as this is now available to buy.

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  1. How did you get spare parts? I have an old one but it is missing some parts... Do you know if there is any place to get Them?

  2. Hi I get most of my parts from ebay.

  3. Hi Emma.I want to buy a dolls house for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I like playmobil or la toy van.which one would you recommend? I would like to add sets ect as the years go by provided she plays with it and loves to.What model do you recommend? I like the one you have on this post and the blue victorian one.i live in nz.where do you recommend buying one and sets? I would prefer there anywhere you know that have these in store so I can take a look? Thank you. Eliza