Commissions & Houses for Sale

It's that time of year again when everyone is looking for something special. I always get requests in the last couple of weeks and even days before Christmas for items from my blog. Although this is great to be in demand I have to disappoint a lot of visitors because I don't have many things for sale.

I do go to work for a living and Playmobil is one of several a hobbies I do in my spare time,  which I know will come as a surprise to some people. With all the best will in the world my creations can take quite a lot of time to do and I can't make things as fast as I'm asked. Even a small creation like a decorated room set can take a week to make and that's if I have all the parts I would need. Normally I would say I need a week or two just to get the parts ordered and delivered and a week to paint and decorate it.

As you can guess to do even a small house can take at least a month to make if it's a simple job, usually two months, and some thing large normally four months. I don't keep vast amounts of Playmobil tucked away somewhere - although I wish I could :) - I just order things as I need them.

Most of my work is commissions and I'm always happy to build something on request whether it's a repeat of an older design or something totally new. But this is on a first come first served basis. If your interested in something for a certain day eg Christmas or birthdays please ask well in advance so I will have time to build your creation.

I get a lot of visitors who looking through my blog at past work ask to buy a certain item then and there, thinking that I must still own it. I'm glad to say from my point of view that every thing you see on my blog has already sold. Some items will sell from just a preview others as soon as I show the completed item even before I've decided to sell it. Anything I do have for sale is listed on my Emporium blog.

So if you are interested in buying some thing please feel free to ask but order in advance and I hope you will understand if something isn't currently available. :)
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