How to dismantle a Klicky

How To Dismantle A Klicky

There are several ways to dismantle a klicky, these are the two I found the easiest.

First always take off any hair and ornaments. Raise the arms to a right angle from the body. I use a vice with a soft rubber grip.

 Clamp the head tightly, twist the body and pull upwards at the same time.

Once the head is off just pull the legs straight off.

The end of the arm is a "D" shape that's why it's easier to hold the arms out at a right angle when pulling the Klicky apart. When putting the Klicky back it's the same in reverse.


If you don't have a clamp you can use a pair of pliers and several rubber bands.

Wrap several rubber bands around tightly around the head starting at the neck and working upwards. Cover the head thickly with the bands to protect the head from the teeth of the pliers. Raise the arms to a right angle again.

 Hold the head with the pliers and twist and pull the head. As you twist the tight rubber bands will slip under the head and help force the head off.

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