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 I'm often asked about how I create my projects and where do I get things, so here are the most popular enquires:

Paint : I use various types of child safe paints including acrylics, enamels and plastic paints. I can't advise on brands or types etc as it depends on what is available to you and what your going to paint.

Parts: I buy most of my parts direct from Playmobil or ebay.

Dolls house items: These are bought at Dolls House shows and specialist shops. Or I create them myself from scratch eg. foods and furniture.

Wallpapers: I design each wallpaper set to match the room settings, these I print out myself.

Buildings: With the exception of the small single room shops and the "Cluedo" hall and Treehouse, all buildings are made from original Playmobil parts.

Costs: Many of the parts I've used in the past are discontinued so are very hard to find and now quite expensive, this means instead of just buying a couple of parts for a building I have to buy a complete building just to get the bits I need. This now makes most of my projects very expensive.

Where do I buy things? : If your after something in particular the easiest way to find it is via the Internet. I usually have to search various websites or I visit craft shops and shows. Please don't ask me for a list of suppliers as I'm based in the UK and I don't know where you would get things other than here. If in doubt Google it!

How do I build things?: Practise! Trial and error is the best way to learn anything. I've been customising Playmobil for several years and I've had to discover the best way to do things myself through lots of practise. So please understand that I will not share details on my creations. Before getting involved with Playmobil I used to work on 1:12th scale dolls houses, miniature foods, jewellery making etc. A lot of this experience I have brought to my Playmobil work. If you'd like to learn how to customise items or create dioramas etc I suggest looking up the subjects listed below by searching the Internet, borrowing books from the library, visit craft shops and read some of the many magazines that are now widely available.
YouTube is a great source for How To videos, this is one of the best places to get info on making things and techniques needed for miniature work. There are lots of videos there that can explain and show you how to do things a lot better than I can.
I'm sorry but I do not have the time to create step by step guides or explain in detail how I create things.

Items to search for:
Dolls house creations and decorating, creating miniature foods, model railways, jewellery making, airbrushing, period costumes, antique furniture, architecture designs, clay modeling, paper crafts, 3d design programs.

I hope this help and good luck with your creations.

 Customer Information.
While all of my creations use nontoxic child safe paints, non of my customised creations are suitable for small children and are sold for adult collectors only. There are many small parts involved in their creation which could cause a choking hazard if swallowed. I often use glass and ceramics as well in my room setting / buildings which are delicate and could be broken if not handled carefully and again are not suitable for children.

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