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Just a quick message to anyone who has emailed me or left questions in the comments section of my blog. I seam to be having some problems with my email account and blogger account. Several recent emails have gone directly to my bin box and some of my sent messages seam to have been classed as spam or trash as well.
I'm also having trouble with replying to comments on the blog, I've tried several times to reply to them but I can't get my own comments to appear. I've no idea whats gone wrong but please bare with me if you not heard back from me I'm very sorry about this and I hope I can get it sorted.

I'll try and answer some of the questions I've had here

Houghton Hall Comments:
no this isn't a kit and you cant buy it online. I designed and built it myself from several different Playmobil sets.

Green Gables:
I'm sorry Green Gables has already sold.

French & Mexican Carriages
I'm sorry these were special commissions and I don't have anymore for sale.

I'm sorry that sold as soon as I finished it several years ago.

Fairy Castle
Sorry that sold a while ago

Gray Mansion
The conservatory is an old Calico Critters ones they stopped selling a while ago
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