Teatro Circo, Albacete

A couple of months ago I was asked to do an interesting commission. It is the 130th anniversary of the Teatro Ciro in Albacete and the director asked if it was possible to build him a copy of the theatre facade as it was in the 1880's. As well as a few carriages, a chestnut seller and a knife seller.

This is the original theatre....

and my version made from System X parts and Victorian Mansion windows

I've just received my first view of it in the display case !!! I shall update the photos when the diorama is finished.

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  1. You have done an amazing job, Emma! It represents one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Albacete, my city. The current facade of the theater is very different, but fortunately the original one is still well known and Emma has done a very accurate reproduction. The figures also represent popular types of people at this time, especially the knife seller, as knives (of the "tool" type, similar but not equal to the swiss ones) have been, and still are, one of the most typical manufactures in Albacete. So, congratulations to Emma for the great job, and congratulations to the city of Albacete for having this part of its history represented in Playmobil version!

  2. How great it is to see pure beauty made from Playmobil. Lovely!

    Cheers, Santi