5302 Bistro De Paris

 This is 5302 the new Grand Doll's House from Playmobil which was released in Germany in August. I managed to get hold of one last month and have started work on transforming it into a French Bistro.

Although this is a nice building I thought the yellow walls and orange windows were very plastic looking and not really what I wanted so my first job was to paint this building. I decided on a two tone building and picked grey and cream so the colours would work with the red roof.

As you can see I've also replaced the door frame on the middle floor and filled in the door panels with extra grates.

I've also painted the bottom windows red and the others white. With highlights added to all the frames.
The basics are all done now to the outside of the building I've just got to add some signs.
Inside has been redecorated with new wallpapers and I'm waiting to fit the flooring.

I've done all the fixtures and fittings for inside once the lights arrive I can fix them up and the floors and it's almost finished. So I shall be able to update this page in another week or so.


 This is the finished building and you can see I've added on the main Bistro sign, a menu to the right of the door above the postbox and small sign above the door.

You might not know but the little red postbox does open up and underneath is the button for the doorbell which plays a chime.

This is the staff of the Bistro along with the Chef above, there's the Maitre'D, barman and waiters, and a singer with her piano player.

So this is what you've been waiting for.... (I hope) the inside of my Bistro.  The original mansion is very open plan and I don't think is really serves as a doll's house like that. I mean who would want to see into the bathroom from the bedroom etc, but as a shop or restaurant I think it's great. Lots of room to play with.
I picked a very warm and vibrant red colour to go with the dark wood to give a rich warm feeling to the building, this was helped by adding Playmobil lights to each floor so the whole thing ends up with a warm glow to it. A great cosy place to visit a cold winters evening.


The kitchen is up in the attic for two main reasons - you wouldn't want customers to walk through it and it's got lots off walls for storage.

On the left is the kitchen cooking and prep area. It has two ovens, an extra large table and double cupboards.

The centre has a plate rack, sink unit and second prep table, with a small dividing wall which supports the light switch.

The right hand side is a store room with racks of wine bottles and shelves of food. It also hides the battery pack for the lights.

This is the kitchen at night.


The restaurant is on the middle floor, with four dinning tables, buffet and waiters on call.

With the lights on for evening diners.


This is the ground floor bar.

The left hand side has a singer with working piano and player.

The Maitre'D is by the bar ready to greet the customers

So this is the finished Bistro De Paris complete with working lights, piano and doorbell. I hope you like it.
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  1. Wow! I just bought this house yesterday, with my daugther Emma. But the idea that you can make this out of it... amazing!!

  2. Wow!!!!! I love Playmobil :)

  3. Amazing !!!
    Could you give us the playmobil reference of (each) part of this set ?
    And could you be kind enought to explain how you "change" and "customize" them