Light Up Fairy Tree House

Here's my latest project a Fairy Tree House.

Playmobil don't really do much for the Fairy figures, there are a couple of sets with garden scenes and a very small mini palace room, which is nice but I always thought the wrong thing for them.

If you look at the children their hats etc are supposed to be made from flowers, which would mean they were tiny compared to normal figures. Also the fairy carts and wheelbarrows are made from leaves so what they really need is homes made from giant flowers and trees or the large mushroom Playmobil made for the bunnies set. So I decided to convert this large Tree House for them.

I've painted the basic house, added lights and decorations and even built my own furniture from scratch! That was fun doing the furniture but I could of done with a few more spare parts as always. This is a quite a large build so I'm going to add it's own page to this blog so everyone can have a better look at it. I hope you like it it.
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