Small update

Hi folks!

just a quick update to let you know how things are going. First up a big thank you to Verity for letting me know about the problems leaving comments I hope it's fixed now.

The Bistro is 95% finished, I just need to make a sign and hang up a few posters inside and it's done. I'll have pictures up at the weekend.

Work is going well on my fairy treehouse, it has lights, decorations and been painted. I'm now working on the furniture.

For something different during the week I painted up an old pirate ship, it's looking very nice and I'll have pictures next week when I've put the last coat of paint on.

So that's it till the weekend and I hope you all had a good Halloween!
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  1. I can just leave my comments as anonymous now, thanks.
    I love the phantom of the opera by the way!