Buying Victorian Playmobil And The 5300

I've had quite a few emails asking me about buying Victorian Playmobil and the original 5300 Mansion, so I thought I'd better put up a little post.

Although it may look like I own a lot of Playmobil I don't, simply as I haven't the room to own much. I usually just buy what I need for my current project.  I've been asked by several people if I can sell them Mansions and furniture sets undecorated, which I'd love to if I had spares but this is not the case. Yes I could buy a mansion and then sell it on when asked for one but as I've said to everyone who asks they would be better off just buying direct from the seller than getting me to buy it and ship it on to them - saves on the postage costs.

There are plenty of people who trade in Playmobil spares and regularly sell complete Victorian sets, although I do sell my Playmobil it's only customised items I'm not what I'd caller a Playmobil trader.

O.k. where do I get my Playmobil from?
I would have to say ebay mostly, some times I see adverts in local papers and if I'm really lucky some in charity shops or car boot sales. It's all a question of patience and luck. My advice is keep looking in your local papers or search the internet at regular intervals for items near you. I bought my first 5300 in a charity shop and I didn't even know what it was - 6 years later and I'm a fan!

Ebay is the only place you can guarantee getting Playmobil. There are regular sellers I buy from, both here in the UK and in Germany.  If your after a certain item first of all find out the correct item number, that way even if you don't know the word in German or Dutch etc the number is often used in the item title. Save your searches! This means every time you log on you can see a preview in your ebay page without having to look for things all the time.

Be patient - bargains will come along but it means checking the auctions daily for any good deals. Most people if asked will post anywhere in the world especially the regular traders.

I'm sorry but I can't really buy Playmobil for other people, I just don't have the spare time to go looking for stuff with no benefit for myself. So thanks for the enquires and I'm sorry I can't help more.
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