Houghton Hall pt4

Ahh sorry no new pictures this week I've not had chance to take any yet, I've been photographing my pirate ships instead.

Works progressing well. I've put the flooring in the ground floor - pale flagstones across the entire downstairs in keeping with the servant's castle type quarters. The middle floor now has working lights as well!

I've highlighted the front steps to show of the stone work better but I've now decided to extend these steps out a bit more.

I tried some furniture in one of the ground floor rooms and it looked awesome, but I decided I needed  a bigger room so I've had to alter the layout. (me and my big ideas!) Also had an interesting thought involving some grill work but I'll talk more about that if it works out ok. This will be my next job.

Oh and the internal stairs are done, they look very spiffy but I want to finish the room off first before showing you the new hall layout.

If I get chance this week I'll also start off the Houghton Hall Blog page, so you can follow my progress in one place. Well that's it for now and I hope you've all had a good Easter holiday.
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