Sunday, 10 April 2011

Houghton Hall

I spent yesterday trying to come up with a new style of Mansion house. This involved the usual of tons of Playmobil house parts spread out over my living room floor while I tried to come up with something new. I redesigned the front of the basement house I had tried before and had a go at  "H" shaped building, to not much success. I had a break and surfed the net for inspiration when I came across Houghton Hall . Wow.
So here it is...

It's a typical English stately home and is the basis of my new mansion. I built the main structure last night and sorted out the floor plan and it's HUGE!!!!!! This is a stunner of a house. Now I've worked out the basic design my next job is to start cutting walls and floors to shape. So keep an eye out for updates.


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