Houghton Hall pt5

It's time again for another update on my hall. I've done a bit of everything this week, and some things two or three times!

I had made a laundry last year and never got around to using yet, so I tried it out in my hall. It looked very nice but the room was a little small, so I've had to change the layout of the ground floor which of course involved having to paint some new parts and rebuild it all. In the middle of this I had an idea about the kitchen oven, which of course meant painting more parts and altering the walls again (and that's putting it mildly) !

 But I think the extra effort was well worth it as here is my custom built extra large Victorian kitchen range.

I thought I'd also show everyone a little bit more about the lights (two floors done so far). I've used a set of small battery powered LED lights on each floor, with the battery pack fixed to the ceiling and the wiring hidden behind a false roof.

This white ceiling added to the white walls and pale flooring really brighten up the rooms and make a huge difference as you can see below.

I've got to try and put a banister on a spiral staircase and that should be my last job for down stairs, I've spent the last day or so working on something very special for the kitchen which I've just finished half an hour ago. So I'll have some nice pictures to show off during the week of some fully furnished rooms.
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