Houghton Hall pt7

When I took the pictures last week of the ground floor I forgot to take an overall picture so that's the first thing I've got to show you all this week. It's small on the blog but if you click on it, you'll see a bigger version.

The carpets I ordered have arrived so I've been able to finish off a few more rooms this week. I've also been working on some of the roof parts which has taken me the best part of today to carve out some fret work, something to share in a few weeks when the roof is done. I've had to jump ahead a few jobs as I'm waiting for a third light set before I can do the next ceiling.

These are the first few rooms on the second / middle floor. The colour has come out a little odd as the living room is white with gold flowers on the wall, oh well you get the idea.

This is the study / games room to the right of the living room. Pretty much finished I just want to sort out a large picture for the left wall.

A music room to the right of the hallway.

I should be able to add pictures of the dinning room tomorrow as it's almost finished and then that's the second floor done. The only other room to show you is the entrance hall but I want to save that for a while as it's pretty spiffy and very unusual.
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