Houghton Hall pt10 Wallpapered Again!

My plan this weekend was to fit the third set of lights that had just arrived on Friday, as I had managed to decorate the top floor during the week (photos on next post - promise) but I wasn't happy with the curtains in the dining room. The red curtains just blended into the wall to much so I took them out and repainted them. While I was sat pondering what they should look like I came to the conclusion I wasn't too sure about the wall paper for the living room, study and music rooms they didn't quite go with the hallway (pictures later).

You see when I started decorating the house I had a choice I could go for the plain or paneled walls that many grand houses have or go for the Victorian style of bright and heavily patterned wallpaper. I originally chose the Victorian style but I now think it's not grand enough for this type of house. So I've changed it all. This meant I spent Friday designing the new papers, then I had to dismantle the top floor to fit them. As I had open access to the middle floor I decided to glue down the carpets. I hadn't bothered until now just in case I needed to make any changes but everything was built so I thought it would be ok. I put the top floor back on fixed all the flooring down and prepared to start on the last set of lights. Oh and I took pictures of the new rooms.

Now the first two sets of lights I used I bought last Christmas but with a bit of searching around I managed to get another set by the same manufacturer. So imagine my surprise when I tacked the lights up to see where to fit them that they didn't match! The first two are a bright blue white the new set yellow white. You might wonder what the difference is but it meant with the new set any white panelling would look sort of cream coloured - a very big no no. So I was left at 1am with lights that didn't match and at that point I gave up for the night.

Saturday I was left with only one option after being unable to get hold of the old batch of lights and that was to take the lights out of the basement and swap them with the new set. With the servant's quarters all being in white it didn't matter if the light was not pure white, in fact it looks like they've got cheap gas lights instead now. So down came the first two floors so I could work on the lowest ceiling. Boy did I regret having stuck down all the edge to edge carpets and gluing the top of the dumb waiter in place! Having exchanged the light sets over I rebuilt the house again, and fitted the last set of lights into the false ceiling on every room apart from the hallway and there went my Saturday.
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