Snow Queens Palace

This is my Snow Queen's palace, it's a painted and decorated version of the original Playmobil 3019 Fairy Tale Palace. I've been working on this for about a month now and there's been a lot of time and hard work gone in to creating what I think is one of my best pieces. I recently watched the original Narnia film, The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe which was a childhood favorite of mine, and I decided I'd have a go at making the Snow Queen's Palace. 

I've painted all the floors, windows, spires and roof tops in silver with white trim. I've painted highlights in a pale blue colour to help give it a more cold look to the building. I then added extra silver trim to the entire palace.

I've added silver flowers with blue stones to the bedroom archway, decorated the furniture in silver and blue and added white designs to the floor.

Even the mirrors have been painted silver to match!

This is the main balcony in front of the throne room.

The throne room complete with custom painted guards.

The ground floor kitchen and dining room.

The dining room complete with mirrored table and silver chairs.

I've even added a snow base to the front that can be moved around the palace. As befitting a Queen a gem encrusted silver sleigh is included with this palace.

Now the sharp eyed among you may have noticed this palace also lights up! The following pictures were all taken in a pitch black room so you can see how bright these hidden lights are.

Please watch the video for more views.

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