Monday, 6 April 2015

Windmill House

The Windmill

This is my decorated windmill house, fully furnished it has electric lights and wind up sails that turn. The roof can be closed up into a dome or opened into a small roof top garden complete with working winch. There's also a swing to one side.


  1. Emma, is this Playmobil? I don't recognize it.

    1. Did you read his opening words. He customized this, I think from a lighthouse. Too cool. I love it. So many fabulous details.

    2. Emma is a she. And it does not say it is Playmobil only that she customized it. The inside furniture is definitely Playmobil. I have been collecting Playmobil since the early 80s and have never seen this windmill.

  2. I also have one of these, though in far less splendid condition than this, which I was planning to convert to be used by my daughters playmobil folk :) I picked it up at a car boot and wondered if it might be playmobil. I came across this blog post while trying to find out, but in fact it is Sylvanian Families.

    Emma your creation is lovely :)