Gothic Horror House

Welcome to my Gothic Horror House. This project started off with the creation of some customised figures based on an old Tv series called "The Munsters"

After making the figures I had a go at building the Monster-mobil car the the family were always driving around in.

Now I've got the family and a car I need a suitably spooky Gothic house for them to reside in. The house is wired up with lights and is painted so it glows in the dark.

All spooky houses need a old fence with creaky gate to keep the nosey kids out!

All good gardens need a few ornaments .....

Theres always a few friends passing through.

I've tried to include most things I could think of in this Gothic style house.

There's always a mad scientist in a horror story and mine has the tower lab complete with lightning machine, experiments and even a few spare body parts about.

Another horror staple is the vengeful MUMMY.


There's a coffin room for the Vampires.

If you watched "The Munsters" then you might remember the thing.

Here's the house in the dark.



Coffin Room


Living Room

Dinning Room

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  1. This is just so adorable, and cute, and creative! I love it

  2. This is awesome, there is non other word