5302 New Large Mansion

This is the wonderful new mansion from Playmobil following on from 5300 and 5301 Victorian Mansions.
I wouldn't call it a Victorian Mansion as it seams more continental and when you look inside it's very modern looking. Unfortunatly having only just been released it's not available in the UK till next year. But who can wait that long? So I managed to order one from a German shop who was willing to send it to the UK.

It's as good as it looks, not too sure on the yellow walls or orange windows but it's very nice.
It does have a few drawbacks for me - first of all the roof is in 4 large sections, this makes it easier to put together but I was hoping for smaller sections so it would be more flexible when using on other buildings.
Second, I think I would have preferred the stairs to one side as they just block the view of the middle of the house.
Thirdly the outside picture shows the middle floor door being as high as the windows so the tops are all on the same level. THEY ARE NOT! If you look at the inside picture you can see that the door is actually lower. I know your saying so what? Trust me from the front it looks odd with this great big empty space above the door.

This I have fixed by ordering a second door frame to match the main front door, as well as ordering extra grills to fit in all the doors so they match. This house is like the other modern city houses as it no longer has wallpaper apart from in the attic, and odd little panels running between the windows. I don't really like the attic patterns but the small strips are nice in an abstract way.

So having moaned about it and tried to fix a few things what am I going to do with it? ........ My very first thought on seeing this new design was that it reminded me of a French Bistro! So that's what I'm building and I'll keep everyone updated with my progress.
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  1. I need some advice. I have a choice between ordering this new model (5302) or the older version of the grande mansion. Which do you recommend?

  2. How did you order the extra grills? I've been wanting to order extra shoes and backpacks and people, but the only things I can find are full sets.

    1. Hi, if they're still available you can order spare parts directly from Playmobil, just visit their website and fill in the parts number on an order form. They'll let you know in a few days if the have them for sale.