New Video

The first of two new videos is finished and up on YouTube, it's just a run down of all the things I'm going to start listing on ebay from November, I'll do a second video once I've finished of a few more items, mainly the Bistro, balloons and the fairy house as well as some new figures.

I've been meaning to do some Tudor figures ever since I built my mansion and at last I've made a start. I'm working on King Henry VIII and his six wives, which are coming along nicely, I'll have pics at the end of the week when they're all finished.

I even managed last night to add another floor to my palace and if I can work quick enough tonight I might get chance to add some more.

My next jobs on an unending list is to add separate pages for the fairy house and the bistro - the carpets have arrived so I'm just waiting for lights so I can get that furnished. I'd also like to have a chat on the forum and show them my western buildings. So it that's all for now.
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