Christmas is coming

Ah yes it's getting close to that wonderful time of year when we all start thinking about our Christmas wish list. I know it's only October but even so the shops are starting to sell Christmas food and decorations.

Personally I think it should be banned until after Bonfire Night as it ruins the anticipation of it all having decorations up too soon. As a Child it was great when the shops put up their Christmas decorations as you knew there was only a few weeks to go. Now it seams every one is racing to see how quickly they can get their stuff out on the shelves.

But I hate to admit it, I'm doing the same. As you can see I'm slowly adding some more pages to my blog, which will show off any completed work I've made that I'm going to sell at some time. The hope being that under each picture will be a direct link to my ebay listing when they're up for sale. So watch this space for more news!
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