I've finished the Cluedo Hall

Yes as you can see I've been a busy bee this week. I've finished the Cluedo Hall complete with lights and corpse. So that should be on it's way soon to it's new home.

I have started a new project, a fairy tree house, I've got the house and my first job is to sort out the lights. More on that later.

I've managed to finally add all my videos on to their page here. Why is it nothing is ever simple with html and YouTube? When I first added some videos the embedded code from YouTube gave a nice frame around the thumbnail, now it only gives a bottom border. Is it them or Me? But something has gone wrong so I've spent the afternoon adjusting code so all my videos look the same. What a drag!

I've been asked for a few figures, so I've spent the last couple of evenings working on some more Scotsmen, Bullfighters and a Spanish Dancer. Which really means I've been playing with pliers and getting covered in glue.

Two weeks ago I bought a very nice four foot tall display cabinet, having ummed and aarrred I finally decided to take out the shelves and build my fairy palace in there. To that end I brought in 7 crates of parts and started building. So far I've still got 7 crates of stuff stuck in my office doorway and only a part built palace. I may if I'm lucky get to add another floor this weekend. Oh the best laid plans......
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